Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Emily Ferreira, Managing Editor

Most Americans inherently understand the need for medical insurance. However many do not understand the importance of owning a dental insurance plan. Dental insurance is a critical investment for anyone with (or without) teeth.

Over 70 percent of Americans are offered some kind of medical insurance from their employers. A considerable amount of these corporations also offer their employees dental coverage, but a surprising number of people do not take advantage of this generous offer.

Dental Insurance

The most basic dental insurance plans offer their subscribers discounted or free preventative care. This includes cleanings, x-rays, and basic care. Proper care and maintenance can keep your teeth healthy and strong for years.

We all do the best we can when it comes to oral care. For some, the results are a bit more positive than others. However, even with impeccable care, teeth can still develop cavities. Having cavities filled generally costs about $120. While this is not an extravagant amount, having a good dental insurance policy can save you most of the cost.

For those who are not fortunate enough to have strong teeth, major dental work can be expensive. Oral surgery, root canals, and other major dental procedures can add up quickly, thus draining a person’s pocket book in a short period of time. Even tooth extractions can run as much as $200 per tooth.

Finding a good dental insurance policy can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in dentist fees. Even if your company does not offer dental insurance as a benefit, buying a good plan on your own could save you a considerable amount of money.

Even people with healthy teeth can fall victim to unhealthy oral issues. Not having your teeth cleaned every six months can allow them to degenerate to an unhealthy state. Many uninsured people skip their bi-annual check-ups and they generally end up regretting it when they finally do go back to their dentists. 

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans come in all shapes and sizes. The size of the purchaser and their affiliates has a tremendous impact on the expense of the policy. Individual, group and family rates all vary considerably depending on the kind of dental insurance plan being purchased.

Individual dental insurance is a policy that can be purchased by a single person. These policies can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs. Typically, these are the most expensive dental insurance plans.

For families, family insurance policies can be a great bargain. These policies provide coverage for small groups. These plans cover entire families for discounted rates, when compared to individual rates for the same dental insurance coverage.

Group dental insurance is the most common (and the cheapest), kind of dental insurance available. This is the kind of dental insurance offered by businesses as a benefit to their employees. Many companies like to offer these policies because they are inexpensive.

Finding a good dental insurance company can tremendously improve your basic experiences with your dental care. Many people are able to find very cooperative dental insurance agents, who specialize in providing terrific customer service.

Additional Information

Finding a good dental policy can be easy to do if you are willing to do some research. Policy details and costs can vary based on a wide set of factors. Many dental insurance companies do not like to share their average insurance rates with the public, because of the wide difference in dental plan costs from one dental insurance company to another.

While dental insurance prices do not vary as much as other available policies, such as medical insurance, the dental insurance quote you receive when shopping for dental insurance will be based on personal information. Your age and relative health are the most important factorsaffecting your dental insurance quotes.

If you have a medical condition that could affect your policy, then you might face additional fees and charges. Anything that effects the basic structure of your jaw or your teeth should be disclosed to a dental insurance provider before you purchase a dental insurance policy, assuming that you are aware of it.

Many dental insurance companies offer discounted rates for low-income families or individuals with special needs. If you have any extenuating circumstances, speaking with a customer service representative of a dental insurance company you are considering, can be a good way to determine whether you qualify for one of these discounts.

In Conclusion

Finding a dental insurance policy that suits you can help preserve your smile for the majority of your life. Finding the right dental insurance plan for you and your family can provide you with piece of mind in the case of a dental emergency. Further, if you are ever offered dental insurance through your company, do not turn it down. A dental insurance plan ensures that your mouth can remain just as healthy as the rest of your body.

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