Finding Cheap Auto Insurance in The Golden State

Mevish Jaffer

The cost of living in some states throughout the Unites States can often be higher than others, and California is one of them. Although the state ranks among the top in the nation for having higher car insurance rates, it is possible for citizens to find cheap California auto insurance that also satisfies their coverage needs. Car owners just need to know what to look for, and how to secure lower rates from insurance companies.

Every automobile insurance company in the state is regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Their primary function is to ensure that California insurance companies engage in fair business practices and successfully cater to the needs of their customers. The minimum coverage required in the state of California for licensed drivers is liability insurance. This type of automobile insurance coverage pays for damages done to another driver’s car or property, when you are found at fault for an accident. Liability insurance also covers the costs associated with medical expenses for both parties involved in the accident.

In addition to liability insurance, there are also other types of automobile insurance coverage options for drivers in California to consider. They can include the following:

  • Collision coverage – Pays for damages to an individual’s car, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage – Covers damages caused by incidents other than collisions, such as acts of vandalism, fire, theft etc.
  • Personal injury protection – Pays for both the driver’s and passengers’ medical bills in the event of an accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist – Covers the driver’s and passengers’ medical expenses, as well as damages to the car caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

When it comes to purchasing California auto insurance, there are several ways individuals can secure lower rates for coverage. Because the insurance market is very competitive, companies are continuing to find innovative ways to win your business. Many of them tend to offer drivers cheaper rates for auto insurance, including California insurance companies. However, drivers need to be aware of certain conditions that apply to obtaining cheap California auto insurance:

1. Driving record
Drivers can avail the lowest premiums for California auto insurance by maintaining a clean driving record. Having a clean driving record includes no accidents, no speeding tickets, or any other type of related traffic violations. Individuals with a heavily tarnished driving record can expect to pay as much as double for California auto insurance in comparison to drivers with a clean history. Therefore, it is imperative for car owners to consider this fact when they are trying to find cheap California auto insurance coverage.

2. Education/training
Many California insurance companies will offer car owners significant discounts for undergoing certain training courses in driver’s education. Therefore, producing certificates of completion in defensive driving classes can help individuals to obtain cheap California car insurance.

3. Safety features
Car owners can also obtain cheaper California auto insurance by incorporating certain safety features in their vehicle. For example, California insurance companies will typically offer discounts to drivers for installing an alarm system or air bags.

4. Academic standing
For younger drivers, auto insurance is generally more expensive in every state due to the higher risk involved for insurance providers. However, many states, including California reward young drivers with discounted rates for automobile insurance if they get good grades in school. The grade point average that must be earned in order to secure this benefit is a 3.0 or higher.

Finding cheaper rates for automobile insurance is possible no matter where individuals reside, even if it happens to be in “the golden state” of California!

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