Short and Temporary Medical Insurance

When you are no longer able to provide yourself with health insurance, you may want to consider enrolling in a short term medical insurance plan. Although they do not offer all the benefits of standard health insurance, these plans can be a valuable security when faced with switching jobs or graduating.

Short Term Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance is a helpful alternative to standard health insurance. The plans usually last between one and twelve months, and are ideal for those who can no longer be covered by their prior insurance. This includes self employed individuals, those who are in-between jobs, and recent graduates.

Short term health insurance is similar to standard insurance in several ways. You will be able to choose what hospitals and clinics you will be seen at, and you may be required to pay a deductible. In patient and out patient care will most likely be covered, as well as hospital room fees, x-rays, and lab work.

Temporary health insurance quotes are less expensive then their permanent counterpart because it generally offers fewer benefits. For example, pre-existing conditions (illnesses or injuries that the individual has sustained during the past five years) are not covered under short term care, nor are any treatments or medications provided for this type of condition. Optical and dental care is not covered either, nor are routine exams. Women who are pregnant should not choose temporary medical care, as health issues related to the pregnancy will not be covered by the plan.

Who Can Get Temporary Health Insurance

If you quit or are terminated from your job, you may want to seek short term care. In most cases, health insurance will stop its coverage immediately upon termination of your position. When you add the time it may take to begin a new job with the initiation period (usually around 90 days of beginning your new job), this is a long time to be without medical care. You will want to make sure that this gap is filled with some kind of temporary health insurance in case of an accident.

Another reason many choose to obtain short term health insurance is graduation. After a student has graduated from college, they are no longer eligible to benefit from their parents’ or guardians’ health insurance. This prompts many recent graduates to apply for short term health insurance. While they look for a job with their new degree, they can be certain that they will be covered should a medical need arise.

Finally, some choose to get temporary insurance simply because they do not think they need the benefits of standard care, or they are in a position that does not offer it. These people can get the temporary insurance and alternate companies after the policy has run out.

Temporary Health Insurance Tips

Short term health insurance is not available in all states. If your state does not provide it, you may want to consider purchasing it while you are traveling. It is a perfectly legal action, and you can even elect to have your insurance cards mailed to your address in the restricted state, provided that you purchased the insurance while you were in an eligible state. This will not deter you from getting care in your home state; the benefits will apply where ever you are in the United States.

If you know that you will not be able to eventually get permanent care as a result of self-employment or inability to pay for the standard insurance, you can always reapply just before your policy expires. If the company does not allow policies to be purchased in consecutive terms, simply alternate companies each time your policy expires. This is most easily accomplished with policies that last at least six months.

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