Health Insurance For College Students

Student Health Insurance for college students is a great way to provide healthcare to those figuring out how to live on their own.

There are many things students must do to prepare for the college experience. They must find housing, enroll in classes, and buy textbooks.  Something most students don’t consider, though, is purchasing an affordable health insurance policy.

Insurance policies are highly customizable. Any kind of insurance available can be altered to fit what the client is looking for, within reason. When searching for student insurance, it is a good idea to investigate the available options before making a decision. Knowledge is not only helpful in getting a job, but also in getting a solid health insurance plan.

What Every Student Should Consider

Many students don’t consider health insurance to be necessary. Most universities offer health clinics to their students for general medical issues. These clinics usually charge minimal fees but may not offer the best services.

Basic doctor visits are inexpensive and can be helpful for taking care of a cold or a small injury. However, serious injuries or a serious illness, without the benefit of a health insurance plan can prove costly. Medication and X-rays can be expensive, even at a university clinic.

In many cases, doctors at university clinics cannot treat serious problems because of limited resources. In these cases, they send students to a local hospital, either by referral or by ambulance. Without medical insurance, a trip to the hospital can be such a financial hardship that paying for university courses may no longer be possible.

Student Health Insurance Policies

Student health insurance comes in many forms. Many universities offer policies to their students at discounted rates. Temporary insurance policies are sometimes offered during the summer months for students who want year-round coverage.

For students who are not satisfied with the policies offered by their school, there are options available through private health insurance companies. Many insurance companies sell affordable health insurance specifically designed for students.

There are many different plans available for students depending on the level of coverage desired. The most basic options available for student health insurance policies are the same as those offered on individual health insurance, only at a discounted rate.

Student insurance can be considered temporary. When a student purchases an insurance policy it is generally for a specific time period, usually a semester or year at a time. These policies can include summer insurance too. When these policies run out the student can simply renew them, or they can choose to cancel.

Insurance companies also offer a student health insurance plan for those who want to study abroad. Most insurance policies are not in effect if the policyholder is out of the United States. This is the reason for study-abroad insurance. Students spending an entire semester overseas are bound to get sick or injured. Study-abroad insurance can allow them to see a foreign doctor without draining their limited student finances.

These policies are generally simple and easy-to-understand. The student can choose a deductible and an annual or semi-annual payment method. Once the deductible has been paid, the insurance company begins to pay 80% or more of the student’s medical expenses.

The size of the deductible determines the amount of the annual premium. The larger the deductible, the smaller the annual payment will be. This is important to know when looking for a cheap health insurance option.

Additional Coverage to Consider

Most college students are young and in good health. Many doctor visits are related to minor injuries and not severe illnesses. For most students, regular student health insurance is enough to cover all of the medical bills that will arise.

However, many student insurance policies do not cover injuries from intramural and varsity sports. Accident health insurance is good for helping take care of the medical bills that occur from these sports.

Accident health insurance is available to all students, not just college students. Grade school children are also prone to injuries because of their active lifestyles.

Accident health insurance is helpful with doctor bills that are acquired from injuries. X-rays and physical therapy can be very expensive. Having an accident insurance policy can offset all of the expenses from injuries.

College Preparation Should Always Include Student Health Insurance

Many college students do not think to look into health insurance when they start school. University clinics can be adequate, but don’t usually have the facilities to take care of serious illnesses or injuries. With a little time and research, students can find cheap health insurance that provides the in-depth coverage they really need.

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