The Break Down on Home Insurance Rates

Emily Ferreira, Managing Editor

Owning a home is a terrific investment. Many people are able to spend their entire adult lives in the same place. For those who are lucky enough to find a home where they want to spend their entire life, the idea of losing everything can be incredibly worrisome. Homeowner insurance can be expensive, but necessary.

Determining Home Owner Insurance Rates

Your home owner insurance rate is determined by a multitude of factors. The price cost to rebuild a home is one of the most significant factors a home insurance company will consider. This price often differs from the amount paid for the house itself.

The price paid for a home includes the land where it sits. This price is not included in the rebuilding cost because you do not rebuild the actual physical property, as any home insurance rate will reflect.

In many cases you can also insure smaller buildings that sit on the same property, like tool sheds or an unattached garage. If a company offers this kind of coverage, these features should be able to be built as well. For anyone who has ever installed a pool in their backyard, it is easy to see the obvious benefits of such an investment.

Additional coverage available from home insurance companies includes policies for personal belongings. Insurance companies handle these additional home insurance coverage considerations differently. For some home owner insurance companies, an entirely separate policy is needed to cover the contents of the home. If both policies are purchased from the same insurance company, each with their own home owner insurance rate, both bills can usually be paid with one payment.

Other insurance companies offer a standard amount of coverage for personal belongings that is included under the umbrella of their basic policy. The way the insurance company defines their insurance policy, determines how much of an additional home owner insurance rate is billed, if an additional cost is required by the insurance company.

Every region in the country has its own unique form of natural disasters. Whether it is tornados, hurricanes, landslides, or earthquakes, they seem to exist only to cost us more money and overturn our lives while we rebuild our homes. The catastrophic financial toll disasters can cause has lead many insurance companies to charge clients an additional premium for protection from these specific disasters.

In the early days of 2007, State Farm insurance decided that the toll from Hurricane Katrina was simply too high for them to bear. Beginning in 2007, State Farm will no longer sell any new business or home insurance policies in the state of Mississippi. For the time being, State Farm will continue to renew old policies for their customers, but they have left the door open to completely pull out of Mississippi in the future. As the one of largest Mississippi insurance companies, State Farm decided that it simply could not afford to absorb more risk in the hurricane-ravaged state.

Like all forms of additional coverage, there are many ways to go about getting a natural disaster policy. Many people prefer the convenience of going through their primary insurance provider. Others have come to realize that discounted policies are available from companies that specialize in particular disasters, such as flood insurance.

Expected Home Owner Rates

There is no reliable statistics for an average home owner insurance rate. All policies are different and require individual consideration. Insurance companies are more than willing to provide potential customers with free insurance quotes to help them ascertain what the premium’s cost would be for their home.

Contacting various companies to receive a home insurance quote allows you to properly compare prices, to determine which home insurance company will best match needs and budget.

Putting in the effort to find the right home owner insurance rate can help to be sure that you are getting the best insurance coverage for the lowest possible price. Honestly, any home insurance price is probably a good investment towards the protection of your financial assets, but none of us like to pay more for our home insurance than we need to pay.

In Conclusion

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. Owning a home properly securing it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

A good home insurance policy can increase quality of living in the event of an accident. Not paying too much for a policy before an accident can improve your lifestyle beforehand and afterward.

Finding the proper home owner insurance rate takes a little time and a little more research. Knowing what constitutes a normal rate can be very beneficial. Finding out what is normal usually requires comparing the home insurance rate from different home insurance companies.

While the amount of time it takes to find out specific information might not seem thrilling to insurance shoppers, spending a little time now can save considerable amounts of money over a lifetime.

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